ProdMod: Foresters Introduces BrightFuture Children’s Whole Life


Effective July 5, 2020 Foresters Financial™ is pleased to introduce BrightFuture, specifically designed for parents and grandparents to help protect their children and grandchildren against future uninsurability and leave a lasting legacy.

Cost effective protection at pivotal life events

BrightFuture is:

  • Simplified issue & quick decisioning
  • Short application for up to 6 applicants
  • Low cost point of entry for non-participating permanent life insurance
Product Highlights:
  • Targeted for children under the age of 18
  • Premiums, death benefit and cash value are guaranteed
  • Death benefit ranging from $5,000 to $75,000

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AdminUpdate: Protective Expands Accelerated Underwriting to Permanent Products


At Protective Life, we’re always looking for new ways to streamline your sales process for quicker and easier results. That’s why we’re making more of your core products available for PLUS accelerated underwriting:

  • Protective Advantage Choice UL
  • Protective Indexed Choice UL
  • Protective Lifetime Assurance UL – our new solution!
Transition Rules
  • Any Advantage Choice UL, Indexed Choice UL or Lifetime Assurance UL application that has not yet completed the TeleLife interview as of Monday, June 29th may be eligible for PLUS Accelerated Underwriting.
  • If Part II medical questions were collected prior to Monday, June 29th for Advantage Choice UL, Indexed Choice UL or Lifetime Assurance UL applications, this business will not be eligible for PLUS Accelerated Underwriting.

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ProdMod: Prudential Suspends New Sales of UL Protector


From time to time, we evaluate our product portfolio and make adjustments to ensure our customers are getting the best value possible. After careful consideration we’ve decided to suspend sales of UL Protector.

Important Dates

  • July 13: Last day UL Protector applications will be accepted.
  • July 20: Prudential’s illustration system will no longer provide presentations for UL Protector.
  • August 31: Only UL Protector cases that are completed and paid for by August 31 will be accepted.
For more information about important timing and deadlines, please refer to the New Business Deadlines document.

Why Suspend UL Protector?

As we continue to navigate through the current interest rate environment, we have decided that we can no longer offer UL Protector in a way that provides strong consumer value and prudently supports our business objectives. We will continue to monitor the interest rate environment and evaluate future options for the UL Protector product.

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AdminUpdate: John Hancock Brings Underwriting Capacity Back Online

As a leader in innovation and digital transformation, our goal is to offer you the most modern and efficient solutions to help streamline how you do business. In recent months, mindful of the challenges you have faced, we have accelerated our digital health data strategy to offer you alternative ways to access information.

We are pleased to let you know we are experiencing favorable outcomes from our collaborations with Human API and Clareto. By enabling access to digital health information in real time and reducing the wait time for medical records by as much as 30-45 days, these digital platforms are expediting the underwriting process and significantly improving the client experience. We encourage you to explore these capabilities and see how they can make the application process easier for you and your clients. Meanwhile, we will continue to explore additional solutions, including new ways to access digital health information, and will update you as new offerings become available.

Additional underwriting updates:

  • We are excited to announce availability of facultative capacity up to $40M, up to and including age 59.
  • In addition, we have resumed accepting and processing applications on individuals up to and including age 90.

On behalf of everyone at John Hancock, thank you for your partnership. We look forward to continuing to serve you and your clients and welcome your feedback on ways we can improve our processes.

Susan Ghalili, FALU, FLMI, CLU 
VP, Underwriting Transformation
Chief Underwriter

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ProdMod: Changes Coming to Asset-Care for California Cases

Changes to Asset-Care® in California launching on July 25

OneAmerica® is committed to the asset-based long-term care market and to offering products that bring value to both our agents and the clients we serve together. To maintain the viability of our Asset-Care® product in California and continue offering it until the updated product is available in this state, we are making key updates starting July 25.

What’s changing

  • New, generally increased Continuation of Benefits (COB) rates will apply.
  • Base policy PEC will be reduced.

The base policy PEC change only affects applications submitted on or after July 25. Existing inforce policies are not affected by the PEC change, as all premiums are contractually guaranteed to remain unchanged for the life of the policy.

Transition Rules

  • July 24, 2020, will be the last day to submit Asset-Care (CA) applications with the current premium expense charges and COB rates.
  • All applications and 1035 paperwork (if applicable) must be received by the Home Office by close of business on July 24.

All funding (cash or 1035 exchange) must be received by the Home Office no later than 60 days after Underwriting approval.

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Formal Announcement from OneAmerica


ProdMod: An Update to Equitable’s Long-Term Care Services Rider is Coming

Our LTC rider now offers more flexibility without the typical trade-offs

As a leading authority on long-term care, Equitable offers one of the most comprehensive riders in the industry today. The Long-Term Care Services Rider (LTCSR) is an excellent addition to Equitable’s VUL Optimizer and VUL Legacy policies. Now, it’s even more competitive for any policy design, including those with a focus on accumulation, with features that help your clients feel confident their assets will be protected. And they’ll have the flexibility they need, when they need it — without the typical trade-offs.

  • We’ve removed restrictions on who can provide care: Anyone can act as a care provider, including members of the client’s family.
  • We’ve made it easier for clients to get access to their benefits when they need them: We are now waiving the Elimination Period for permanent claims. For all other claims, the 90-day Elimination Period is now measured in calendar days rather than qualified service days.
  • We’ve designed the new rider to complement the objectives of any policy design, including accumulation-oriented cases: The amount available for the LTC benefit will always match the policy death benefit if the client chooses, even if the policy enters corridor or a client takes a withdrawal.
  • The current and guaranteed cost of insurance rates for the rider remain unchanged.

Product Availability

  • Effective June 15, 2020, the redesigned LTCSR is available on applications for VUL Legacy, Series 160 and VUL Optimizer, Series 160 in all jurisdictions except California, Florida and New York. Additional state approvals will be announced as they are received.
  • The redesigned LTCSR will be made available on applications for BrightLife® Grow, Series 159 and IUL Protect, Series 160 in the coming months.
  • The LTCSR State Availability Chart is available on

Transition Guidelines

  • On VUL Legacy and VUL Optimizer, the new LTCSR will be replacing the old LTCSR in all jurisdictions, subject to state approval.
  • In states where the new LTCSR is approved, the old LTCSR will remain available until July 14, 2020. This means both the new LTCSR and the old LTCSR will be available from June 15, 2020, through July 14, 2020. Signed applications dated after July 14, 2020, will be issued with the new LTCSR, provided the necessary requirements are received.
  • During the transition period, the riders will be listed in AEGIS and e-App as LTCSR 2012 (old rider) and LTCSR 2020 (new rider). Because the transition period overlaps with the effective date of Reg BI, please ensure that all recommendations concerning these riders are in the best interest of each client.

Cases already in underwriting may be considered for the new rider. Please seek clarification from your case manager on the eligibility and process for specific cases to manage the transition and any additional requirements, which may include a special amendment to be signed by the client at delivery. Additional requirements may be required, up to and including a new application, if a replacement is involved.

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AdminUpdate: North American’s WriteAway Accelerated Underwriting Program Now Available in California

Underwriting updates: WriteAway® in California

WriteAway, North American’s accelerated underwriting program, is coming to California! This new process will be available beginning June 27, 2020.

Transition Rules for Pending Cases in California:

  • If you have cases currently pending that meet WriteAway Eligibility criteria, the current temporary non-fluid process established for California can continue to be utilized until June 27, 2020.
  • For any new cases that have not yet been submitted, you can either utilize the current temporary non-fluid process established for California until June 26, 2020, or hold the application until June 27, 2020, and submit via e-Application utilizing the new electronic process.

As of June 27, 2020, the temporary non-fluid process that was recently established for California will be discontinued for new applications, and the only way to obtain a non-fluid decision will be via the new electronic WriteAway process via SimpleSubmit.

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AdminUpdate: Updated Spread and Illustrated Rates for North American IUL products

Recent changes in market volatility have caused us to evaluate our spread rates and make adjustments that we believe to be most prudent to maintaining long-term success. Please be advised that we are making changes to the spread and illustrated rates for only the S&P annual-point-to-point with spread index selection for the following currently marketed products: Builder Plus IUL® 2, Protection Builder IUL, and Smart Builder IUL.

For these products to receive the current rates, ALL monies must be placed into the index accounts with an effective date ON OR BEFORE June 26, 2020. All monies with an effective date ON OR AFTER June 29, 2020 will receive the new rates

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