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What is AIN Essentials?

AIN Essentials is the Member Services Team’s communications center for AIN Member Firms.  Many of the answers you seek as you work on Life Insurance or Asset-Based LTC cases can be found in the various Intel collections. Marketing content, planning strategies and sales ideas abound in the Virtual Idea Lab and Gauntlet archives. The latest from the AIN Core Carriers and other subject matter experts relative to their strategic direction and thought leadership populate the AIN Events platform. It is truly a treasure trove of resources designed to help you market and sell more effectively.

This searchable “Members Only” resource includes:

The Essential Intel Library: A massive collection of reference materials in both the Life Insurance and Asset-Based LTC product segments, including:

  • Product Intel
  • Operations Intel
  • Underwriting Intel

The AIN Events Calendar and Video Archive, including all three of our virtual events series and face-to-face trainings:

  • AIN Events Broadcasts: Interviews with subject matter experts and thought leaders from both inside and outside the insurance industry.
  • The Virtual Idea Lab: A series dedicated to modeling virtual event best practices as we discuss the most effective sales ideas and planning strategies from the AIN Core Carriers.
  • The Gauntlet: A head-to-head, winner take all sales idea and planning strategy competition featuring the AIN Membership and sponsored by the AIN Core Carriers.
  • The Idea Lab: This series, hoping to relaunch in 2022, is built on in person, study group style meetings hosted by the AIN Core Carriers and featuring sales ideas and planning strategies presented by your peers from across the AIN Membership.
  • The Annual AIN Conference: An annual event hosted by AIN featuring thought leadership, idea sharing from leaders across the AIN Membership, an opportunity to connect with both Core Carrier Leadership and other strategic partners in private “speed dates” and the chance to reconnect at various social events throughout the Conference.

Core Carrier Microsites: A curated collection of materials from each of the AIN Core Carriers, including:

  • Core Carrier in Focus: A collection of the most effective marketing content, sales ideas and planning strategies curated by the Core Carrier
  • Core Carrier Value-Added Platforms: Highlights from special business units and other offerings from the Core Carriers that complement their traditional product offering
  • Contact Information: Each Core Carrier’s entry from the Core Carrier Directory, providing direct contact information to key contacts across key functional areas of the insurance company
  • Producer and consumer product guides
  • Underwriting Guides
  • A dedicated News Feed highlighting the critical communications from each of the Core Carriers
  • Contact information for individuals in each functional department across the company.

Resource Centers: Microsites dedicated to subject matter areas that represent the building blocks of agency infrastructure and more, including:

  • The Quoting Tools Resource Center
  • The Settlement Resource Center
  • The In Force Policy Management Resource Center
  • The Cybersecurity Resource Center
  • The Finseca Resource Center

The Essential New Feeds: Including both a real-time feed of the most recent communications on behalf of the Core Carriers distributed by AIN as well as embeddable feeds suitable for integration into agency websites:

  • AIN Core Carrier News Feed
  • Underwriting Impairment Questionnaire Feed

The best part of the AIN Essentials site?  It’s SEARCHABLE!  AIN Members are only a few keystrokes away from having all the information about a topic at their fingertips, regardless of where it may live on the site.  In addition, you can manage your communication preferences to receive updates from the site in real time or simply rely on the Essential News Feed to stay informed.  Either way, the information is here when you need it, and you are in control of how you access it.

Questions about the site?  Contact:

Jeff Reed
Chief Communications Officer