AIN Events: The Periodic Table of Investments

What is the Periodic Table of Investments? It’s more than a play on the Periodic Table of Elements you remember from High School Chemistry! Presented by Joe Ross, Vice President, Sales Productivity & Business Development at AIG Financial Distributors, it’s the context for a discussion of the increasingly diverse universe of indices and crediting strategies available in today’s IUL Market. Watch the recording below to dig into:

• Understanding volatility and its impact on Indexed UL products & volatility control indices
• How Indexed UL “contradicts” Modern Portfolio Theory, a foundational element of asset management many advisors subscribe to
• The impact of volatility control on both the contribution and distribution phases
• The case for diversifying among indices in an Indexed UL

You’ll also see some cutting-edge virtual meeting technology deployed by Joe as he conducts trainings on behalf of AIG, as well as the content library he has developed.

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