AdminUpdate: Global Atlantic Announces Washington State Cutoff for ForeCare


We encourage you to submit any Washington cases as soon as possible. While we cannot guarantee issuance by the November 1, 2021 deadline, the following guidelines and key dates should be followed to increase the likelihood of issuance before November 1.

  • October 8th: Submit all applications by October 8, 2021 (underwriting approval must be completed prior to application submission).
  • October 29th: 1035 exchange cases will be dependent on receipt of funds on in good order policies from the surrendering carrier no later than October 29, 2021. Surrendering carrier turnaround times vary, we highly recommend contacting the surrendering carrier for further details.
  • November 1st: The state of Washington allows residents to apply for an exemption from the payroll tax for policies issued prior to November 1, 2021. Any business that is not issued by October 29, 2021 will continue to be processed by Global Atlantic, however it will not qualify for exemption from the payroll tax assessment.

Forethought Life Insurance Company cannot provide specific recommendations on legal requirements or exemptions from such legal requirements, however, so each individual must consult with his or her own legal counsel for specific recommendations.

AdminUpdate: Global Atlantic’s New Client Portal is Now Live


As we continue to work on establishing digital connections with our customers, we are excited to announce our new customer website is LIVE! Since December we’ve been testing the website’s functionality with a small pilot group to collect feedback and input. As a result, we’ve made additional enhancements to ensure a smoother registration and login experience for your customers.

This is an important first step in creating opportunities for policyowners to access policy information 24/7 and lays the foundation for building a better online presence in the future.

A simple step-by-step flyer is available for you to share with your existing customers to provide help in registering.

Due to privacy and security concerns, you will not be able to register on behalf of your customer.

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AdminUpdate: Global Atlantic Eases Majority of COVID Underwriting Restrictions


In September 2020, we announced temporary underwriting guidelines to address the risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. These changes were necessary to ensure that Global Atlantic’s underwriting philosophy and processes remain a strategic advantage in a rapidly changing environment.

We are pleased to announce the following updates to the temporary guidelines put in place in response to COVID-19:

  • Domestic Applications
    • Up to age 65, normal underwriting guidelines
    • Ages 66-75 Table 6 or better
    • Ages 76-79 Table 4 or better
    • Ages 80+ Postpone
  • High Net Worth Foreign National Program
    • Foreign National cases that meet Global Atlantic’s regular guidelines.
  • Foreign Travel
    • U.S. citizens or permanent U.S. residents traveling outside the U.S.
  • All Policies
    • Good Health Statement when underwriting evidence is greater than 60 days old or standard risk class.

Global Atlantic will continue to employ a prudent underwriting approach for cases at higher risk to Covid19 based on age and medical condition.

Additional Considerations

The world recently marked the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the extraordinary efforts now being undertaken to provide COVID-19 vaccinations, questions may surface regarding how COVID-19 vaccines may impact a client’s life insurance policy or their ability to qualify for an insurance policy.

Accordia Life insurance applications do not include any questions regarding COVID-19 vaccination. To the extent an applicant voluntarily discloses such information during the application process, this information would not be taken into consideration in determining the applicant’s eligibility for coverage or underwriting classification.

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ProdMod: Global Atlantic Releases Section 7702 Implementation Strategy


Global Atlantic will be updating its illustration software to reflect the new 7702 rates and premium limits for Lifetime Builder Elite, Global Accumulator, and Lifetime Foundation Elite on May 17, 2021.

See below for transition guidelines:

  • Effective Monday, May 17, 2021 our illustration system will be updated with the new 7702 interest rates that will impact premium and MEC limits.
  • All cases issued between January 1, 2021 and May 17, 2021 reflecting the 2020 interest rates will be updated on the system to reflect the 2021 interest rates. No agent or policyholder action is required.
  • An application must be Underwriter approved and in good order by May 10, 2021 to be issued before May 17, 2021. To be considered in good order, all requirements must be received, and the application must be ready to issue. Please contact with any questions regarding any outstanding requirements.
  • Policies issued May 17, 2021 and after will reflect the new 2021 interest rates.

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The KKR Acquisition of Global Atlantic is Now Complete


February 1, 2021

Today marks a significant milestone in Global Atlantic’s history. Our acquisition by KKR has closed and we begin a new chapter of growth and opportunity together. With this transition of ownership, we remain passionate and committed to being a leading US annuity and life insurance company.

As previously mentioned when we announced the acquisition agreement last July, Global Atlantic will continue to operate as a standalone business under the Global Atlantic brand, with the same leadership as today. Since the initial announcement, we have been working closely with KKR and our progress has affirmed our significant alignment and reinforced our excitement for what the future holds.

With this deal, KKR acquired a majority ownership stake in Global Atlantic. Private investors comprise the balance of our shareholders, including many original investors who want to continue this journey with us. Going forward, we are now a majority-owned subsidiary of KKR, a public company, and will be reported as a standalone segment within KKR’s financials.

However, this is a transaction about partnership more than ownership. We believe the benefits of the KKR and Global Atlantic combination will be far reaching. The long-term capital structure and complementary investment management expertise supports our continued growth and expands our ability to explore new markets and product opportunities, ultimately benefiting you — our distribution partners, as well as our policy owners, with more solutions for today’s needs.

While we are excited for what the future holds, we remain focused today on supporting your business. There are no changes to your contacts or how we conduct business. Our current product portfolio includes options that cover a broad spectrum of client needs for you, and we will continue to invest in a high-quality portfolio to support our obligations.

In closing, I would like to share this video of Global Atlantic’s CEO, Allan Levine, and Scott Nuttall, Co-President and Co-COO of KKR, sharing their perspectives on this deal and its complementary nature. For your reference, you can also view the press release we jointly issued today.

Thank you for the important role you have played as a partner in our success, which has led us to this incredible opportunity. I look forward to an even brighter future.


Rob Arena


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ProdMod: Global Atlantic Announces IUL Cap Change


If you follow the markets, you already know there’s been significant volatility, which is seemingly par for the course in 2020! As you may recall, market volatility affects our investment experience and increases hedging costs. As a result, Global Atlantic, like many carriers, must review its anticipated experience and adjust its cap rates to appropriately manage the business. We do this to ensure our continued financial strength that you and your clients have come to know and rely upon.

In light of the continued low, long-term interest rate environment and recent increases in hedging costs, we will be adjusting cap and illustrated rates on currently available IUL products and on in force IUL products, effective February 1, 2021.


Transition Rules:

Premiums and or applications received AFTER January 22, 2021, will be subject to new cap rates that will take effect February 1, 2021. Applications received after January 22, 2021, will require an illustration that reflects the new cap and illustrated rates prior to issuing the policy. In addition:

  • Business that is issued and paid on or before January 22, 2021 — nothing additional is needed.
  • Business issued on or after January 22, 2021, with current cap rates reflected on the illustration attached to the policy but paid after January 22, 2021 — a notice/disclosure will be sent to the agent informing them that the new cap rate was applied to the premium/policy.
  • If an application and illustration is received prior to January 22, 2021, but not issued and paid until after January 22, 2021, — New Business will send an illustration with the policy at issuance to the agent reflecting the new cap rate. The updated illustration will need to be signed and returned on delivery of the policy.
  • All business received after January 22, 2021 will receive the new cap and illustrated rates.
  • The illustration system will be updated with new rates on December 31, 2020.

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AdminUpdate: Did You Catch Global’s Fast Lane Enhancements?


Global Atlantic’s improved Fast Lane Accelerated Underwriting program, is a dynamic, less invasive approach to providing an underwriting decision for your clients in five days or less.

  • Easier – Obtain up to $2M of coverage*
  • Smarter – Streamlined underwriting process that leverages application, MIB, MVR and prescription data – no tele-med interview
  • Faster – Obtain underwriting decisions quicker, get your cases issued faster

New Maximum Face Amounts:

  • 18 – 50: $2MM
  • 51 – 55: $1MM
  • 56 – 60: $500K

Curious about the rest of the program details and how to submit your next case via Global Atlantic’s eApp? Check out the links below, or just head over to the Global Atlantic web site to learn more about all the underwriting programs available from Global Atlantic.

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Updated: Year-End Processing Deadlines for All Core Carriers Now Available

With just over three weeks left before 2021 is upon us, we now have the final year-end deadlines for 2020 business from all the AIN Core Carriers. Please review the list below for additional details for each insurance company,

Important: These deadlines may or may not reflect the transition rules regarding AG 49A. Please see AIN’s AG 49A Resource for those rules and deadlines.

The pertinent 2020 year-end cutoff dates for the AIN Core Carriers can be found via the links below.

Important Updates Regarding Cap and Interest Rates

In light of the continued low, long-term interest rate environment and recent increases in hedging
costs, we will be adjusting cap rates and interest rates on certain in force IUL products that are no longer available for sale, effective August 20, 2020. Premiums received AFTER August 6, 2020, will be subject to new cap rates that will take effect August 20, 2020. Click HERE for a list of products impacted and new cap rates.

Cap rates on Lifetime Builder ELITE IUL, Lifetime Foundation ELITE IUL, Global Accumulator IUL and Benefit Builder Xtra IUL are unchanged, as they were recently adjusted in May.

To view the cap and interest rates on current products for sale, visit

Global Atlantic Updates Relative to EMSI Closure

On Friday July 3, EMSI a preferred Underwriting and New Business vendor announced they have ceased operations effective immediately.

We realize some of you may use EMSI as your vendor of choice for your attending physician statements (APS) and paramed exams and may currently have cases with them. In light of EMSI’s announcement, we recommend contacting an alternate vendor to reschedule and/or reorder your exams you currently have with EMSI. Below is a list of our preferred vendors.

  • APPS/Portamedic: Exams Only
  • ExamOne Worldwide: Exams and APS Retrieval
  • APS Retrieval only

EMSI handled tele-medical interviews for our Fast Lane accelerated underwriting business. In the short term, we will do our best to accept a completed non-medical Part 2 in lieu of a tele-medical interview while we develop a transition plan to pivot to a new vendor.

If you have any questions, please contact your underwriter or new business associate.

Please Note:

If there is a need to use a vendor other than one of the preferred vendors, the agent/agency will do so pursuant to their own business arrangements.

Agents/agencies will need to handle payment with those vendors and then submit a medical fee reimbursement request to Global Atlantic. Upon receipt of that request, Global Atlantic will reimburse the agent/agency, subject to rates and standards deemed acceptable to Global Atlantic. Attending Physician Statement (APS) fees will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $100 unless prior approval to exceed this amount is received from the Global Atlantic underwriter.

This reimbursement applies to formal applications only; there is no reimbursement on trials. Please refer to the Medical Fee Submission Guide (form 18271) on for complete fee reimbursement guidelines.