AIN Events: Introducing the Global Atlantic Consulting Group

Providing high quality, timely and relevant education and training is a foundational element of a successful marketing communication plan. Sourcing the content for that type of strategy can be a challenge, particularly when there is a need for corresponding consumer facing materials that can be delivered by the advisor. That’s where the Global Atlantic Consulting Group can help. Their exhaustive research and development has resulted in a series of educational workshops ready to be conducted with your advisors either in person or virtually with a goal of helping them take their practice to the next level. Listen in as we introduce you to this powerful resource and the Head of Global Atlantic Consulting, Jeannie Underwood-Kotner.

Ready to dig into the content library curated by the Global Atlantic Consulting Group? Check out these three pieces on the Fragile Decade as discussed in the session with Jeannie Underwood-Kotner or head over to the Global Atlantic Consulting Group website to review the entire library.

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