AdminUpdate: Zurich’s New eApp Streamlines the Application Process


Today, for all states except New York, we are pleased to announce the launch of our e-application platform, designed to provide an innovative broker and client experience. This platform, powered by Porch Software, allows a broker to engage with a client online to seamlessly complete and electronically sign the application.

Platform Capabilities

  • Available for all Life Products
  • Accommodates Trust & Entity Owned Policies
  • Can handle cases with Multiple Owners
  • Replacements and 1035 Exchanges are no problem
  • All Supplemental Forms are included

For a broker to begin an e-application, they must be registered on Once a broker is logged into, he or she will click Menu –> New Business/UW –> e-Application to get started.

Ready to roll Zurich’s eApp out to your advisors? Contact Andrew Clapp on the AIN Member Services Team to get started!

Andrew Clapp
Head of Wholesaling

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AdminUpdate: Zurich Announces Retention Changes


As we enter the fourth quarter, we want to thank you again for your business, feedback and partnership this year. We continue to work on initiatives that improve our broker and customer experience while responsibly growing with a focus on long term sustainability. With these goals in mind, I would like to share the following updates.

Update to Retention Limits

As COVID cases continue, please note the following updates to our retention limits effective today. Click here to download the announcement and transition guidelines.

  • Nearest Age Through Age 60:
    • Through Table D: $20,000,000
    • Table E – H: $10,000,000*
    • Table I or above: Postpone
  • Nearest Age 61-69:
    • Through Table D: $10,000,000
    • Table E or above: Postpone
  • Nearest Age 70-75:
    • Through Table B: $5,000,000
    • Table C or above: Postpone
  • Ages 76+: Postpone

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*Not available if comorbidity for COVID-19 conditions exist: Obesity; Chronic respiratory conditions, such as COPD, asthma, emphysema, etc. , Chronic kidney disease, Diabetes mellitus, Heart disease, Cancer, Hypertension, Immunocompromised illness (e.g., Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, HIV, SLE, RA), Solid organ or bone marrow transplantations, Long term use of immunosuppressive treatments.

AdminUpdate: Zurich Hits the Pause Button on Premium Finance for 2021


Like most carriers, Zurich assess their business mix to make sure they’re well diversified and ensure they are maintaining a healthy mix of business. Based on a recent refresh of this assessment, Zurich has elected to stop accepting premium finance business through the balance of 2021, effective Wednesday, July 6th. While there is NOT a formal communication coming from Zurich regarding this change, we understand the transition rules to be:

  • July 6th: All formal applications for premium finance cases must be received in the Zurich home office by close of business on Tuesday, July 6th.
  • Ownership does not need to be established in order to submit the formal application.
  • There is currently no deadline on when premium finance cases must be placed.

If you are working on cases that you would like to submit prior to the deadline, please reach out to the AIN Member Services Team. Zurich intends to revisit this subject in 2022.



ProdMod: Zurich’s Lineup of Indexed Accounts is Changing


On June 28th, Zurich’s Index UL products will be updated on WinFlex Web to remove certain index accounts that are underutilized. The following underutilized index account options will no longer be available for new policies:

  • Zurich Wealth Builder IUL and Zurich Survivor IUL
    • S&P 500® Uncapped Index Interest Account
    • Nasdaq-100® Uncapped Index Interest Account
  • Zurich Select IUL
    • MSCI EAFE Index Interest Account
    • MSCI Emerging Markets Index Interest Account
    • Russell 2000® Index Interest Account

All new policies that intend to allocate to one of these index accounts must be placed in-force on or before July 15, 2021.

Transition Guidelines

On June 28th, WinFlex Web will be updated to remove the closed index interest accounts as options. For all policies placed inforce on or after July 15th, these index account options will not be available. For pending cases that are placed inforce on or after July 15th, a new Supplement to Part I without these options will be required.

Important: This will not affect existing inforce policyholders’ access to these index accounts. This will only apply to policies placed inforce on or after July 15, 2021.

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Special Announcement: Introducing a New, Proprietary IUL Product from Zurich and AIN


The new Wealth Builder IUL, including the proprietary US Equity Triple Index crediting strategy, is now available, exclusively to AIN Members!

The effectiveness of a strategy that includes three diverse indices and a look-back crediting strategy that automatically allocates to the best performing index is clear: More predictable, consistent returns for policy owners. Couple that with a product chassis with a reasonable cost structure and you have a recipe for a product with a compelling value proposition. Here’s the story from Zurich:

In an accumulation IUL, diversification can help optimize performance. Zurich’s US Equity Triple Index Account provides diversification with the added benefit of overweighting.

US Equity Triple Index Interest Account

  • S&P 500® Composite Stock Index: 500 largest U.S. publicly traded companies
  • NASDAQ-100 INDEX®: 100 largest most actively traded U.S. non-financial companies listedon Nasdaq stock exchange
  • Russell 2000 Stock Index®: 2,000 small cap companies

How does it work?

Each policy year, we’ll calculate the growth of each of the three indices. The top performer gets 70% of the weighting, the second best gets 30%, and the worst gets 0%. Then we apply the growth cap and the guaranteed bonus to interest credited in the prior year.

What are the benefits of diversification and overweighting?

We know optimizing performance means choosing the best index. Historically, there hasn’t been one clear and consistent winner. With overweighting, no matter who comes in first, the best performer gets most of the crediting.


Given the propriety nature of this product, access to marketing materials, illustrations and forms are all a bit different.

Marketing Materials

Marketing materials are housed on AIN Essentials The currently available materials are:

Make sure to check out the Zurich Wealth Builder IUL page on AIN Essentials as more content from Zurich is made available.


Illustrations for the Wealth Builder IUL with the US Equity Triple Index are available exclusively through WinFlex Web. To activate the Zurich product for a new case, please complete the following steps:

  1. Start a new illustration in WinFlex Web
  2. BEFORE entering any client data, navigate to the Agent Info tab
  3. Enter the Home Office Password – USEquity
  4. Hit “Calculate” and let the illustration run
  5. Once the initial illustration is complete, navigate to the Interest Rate tab. Verify that the US Equity Triple Index now displays as an option in the Allocation section
  6. Proceed with the illustration as you normally would

Still not sure how to proceed? Head over to AIN Essentials for additional guidance!


Forms are available via AIN Essentials! Simply follow this link to access a unique iPipeline forms instance that has everything you need to apply for the Wealth Builder IUL.

Find out more about the Wealth Builder IUL with the US Equity Triple Index from Zurich…

Case Success: Zurich Wins Case with Dual Manuals and Electronic Inspection Report

Large cases over the age of 60 have been a challenge in the last year, but the team at Zurich had everything in place to take this one down. Even after running into roadblocks at other carriers, the Member was able to move this case to completion extremely quickly. Read on for the details!


  • Underwriting: Electronic IR’s and Dual Manual Approach
  • Product: Zurich 10-Year Term
  • Target: $153,339


  • A 61-year-old male was seeking to update $20MM of Business Coverage.
  • The client completed an Executive Physical that included a Coronary Calcium Study with a score of 904 a few years prior.
  • The coronary artery disease history, combined with COVID-based underwriting restrictions, led to a declination.


  • Diane Turnbull, Zurich AVP Underwriter
  • AIN Member Underwriting Services


  • Upon receiving the declination the member firm reached to AIN Underwriting to save this 6-figure case. To complicate matters, the renewal of the existing coverage was days away and the member firm needed to complete the case in a week.
  • AIN Underwriting was able to review the file and identify Zurich as a possibility based on the Gen Re manual and their more aggressive stance on elevated calcium levels.
  • AIN was able to negotiate a Table B offer (Within COVID rating restrictions) with Zurich using additional favorable factors:
    • June 2019 normal imaging stress test in which he goes 15.3 METS
    • Only treatment is aggressive medical management
    • Build 5’10”, 176 lbs.
    • Cholesterol 174/Ratio 2.25
    • B/P 122/74
    • Family History: Dad lived to age 90 with coronary artery disease (stents)
  • Upon receiving the formal application, Zurich was able to turn around the formal approval in 48-hours. The quick turnaround was aided by Zurich’s recent transition to Electronic Inspection Report’s below the age of 70.
  • The dual manual approach and reduction in age/amount requirements allowed $153K in Target Premium to be placed with Zurich.

AdminUpdate: Zurich enhances IR requirements and COVID-positive waiting period


At Zurich, we take your feedback seriously and make changes wherever possible. I want to share two recent improvements we have made to our underwriting guidelines thanks to your partnership and feedback.

Traditional Inspection Reports: I am pleased to announce that we no longer require traditional inspection reports up to age 70. This requirement has been replaced with an electronic inspection report.

COVID Guideline Update for COVID positive insureds: For COVID positive insureds who were not hospitalized, we have reduced the waiting period from 60 days to 30 days from the recovery date. Additionally, our underwriting programs, including our foreign national program, are still in effect as well.

Please continue to share your ideas with us, and wherever possible, we will consider updating our programs. We appreciate your continued partnership. If we can assist or answer additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

Please click below for additional information:

Updated: Year-End Processing Deadlines for All Core Carriers Now Available

With just over three weeks left before 2021 is upon us, we now have the final year-end deadlines for 2020 business from all the AIN Core Carriers. Please review the list below for additional details for each insurance company,

Important: These deadlines may or may not reflect the transition rules regarding AG 49A. Please see AIN’s AG 49A Resource for those rules and deadlines.

The pertinent 2020 year-end cutoff dates for the AIN Core Carriers can be found via the links below.

Case Success: Zurich’s Multiple Underwriting Manual Approach Wins The Day

In this case, The Member Firm, AIN Member Underwriting Services and Zurich joined forces to find a way forward for a case with a complicated medical history and a major roadblock in obtaining records as a result of a COVID-19 driven doctor’s office closure.


Underwriting: Significant Cancer History
Product: Zurich 10-Year Term
Target: $37,837


  • A 58-year-old male was seeking $10MM of term insurance coverage to fund their business succession plan, with an expectation of a Standard medical offer
  • The initial carrier formally offered at Table D rates due to a history of Squamous Cell throat cancer.
  • While it had been diagnosed originally in 2008, the cancer was noted to be a Stage 4 tumor with the primary cancer location being unknown. The Underwriter had involved their Medical Department who felt while the cancer history warranted a declination, they were willing to consider this at a Table 4 rating, far from the Standard expectation that was required to place the case.


  • Aaron Paget, Zurich AVP Life Underwriting
  • AIN Member Underwriting Services


  • The Member Firm reached out to AIN Member Underwriting Services for assistance stressing that anything less than a Standard would result in this very important case being lost.
  • Upon reviewing the file, the AIN Underwriting team zeroed in on the fact that Zurich has access to multiple underwriting manuals and the fact that one of them was very aggressive on many high stage cancers. and suggested the file be moved to Zurich.
  • Based on the recommendation, the Member Firm decided to initially submit informally where they received the tentative Standard offer needed from Aaron Paget at Zurich.
  • Upon formal submission, it was noted that the proposed insured was also being followed every six months by a dermatologist for skin checks based on a skin cancer history. However, due to the COVID lockdown implemented by many states, that office was closed and the records being requested were not able to be obtained.
  • AIN Underwriting discussed the situation with Aaron who then received the approval from their Medical Department to proceed with a Good Health Statement and Amendment for the full $10MM.
    The Member Firm was able to have the case issued, paid and placed within 24hrs and a $37,837 premium placed with Zurich.

ProdMod: Zurich Survivor IUL Now Approved in CA

New Maximum Illustrative Rates Effective August 16, 2020
New Growth Cap Rates Effective August 28, 2020

Due to the continued low interest rate environment and increased market volatility, Growth Cap rates and the Short Term Holding Account interest rate for Index UL policies are changing.

The Growth Cap changes apply to all new and existing policies (except Zurich Survivor Index UL) and will be effective for new index segments starting August 28, 2020. There is no change to participation rates, floors, index spreads or asset fees. WinFlex will be updated with the new rates on August 16, 2020.
The Short Term Holding Interest Account rate will also be updated to 0.01%.

Transition Rules

  • Cases that are issued and paid with all delivery requirements satisfied and in good order on or before 5 p.m. Central Time on August 15, 2020 will not require a new illustration reflective of the changes.

Cases that are NOT issued and paid with all delivery requirements satisfied and in good order on or before 5 p.m. Central Time on August 15, 2020 will require a new illustration reflective of these changes.

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