AIN Events: The Power of Two: Empowering Customers to Want to Own Life Insurance

People don’t buy what they don’t understand, and when it comes to permanent life insurance, the general public doesn’t know much. They know, they feel, the need to protect their loved ones and intuitively gravitate towards term insurance. We all know, however, that there is much, much more to the story of today’s life insurance products.

Join AIN as we welcome Doug Winkler, Vice President, Independent Sales & Distribution, Individual Life Division at Prudential as he shares a strategy designed to educate and inspire the desire to own permanent life insurance. Along the way, he’ll touch on:

  • An easy to understand analogy to use when positioning permanent life insurance
  • The major bullet points that reinforce both the need and the “want” for permanent life insurance
  • A strategy for quickly educating clients on the underpinnings of the life insurance value proposition
  • An introduction to a powerful policy management platform now available to owners of Prudential’s permanent life insurance products and the advisors they work with.

Thursday, September 12th

11:00 AM Pacific