AIN Events: Introducing LegacyShield, a Powerful Client Engagement Platform

Estate planning has changed, and a process that was once focused largely on estate tax mitigation now faces a myriad of new challenges, including a client’s digital footprint, and the always challenging process of trying to pass on values, family history and final messages. Long-time friend of AIN, Michael Babikian, has launched a new company that brings this process into the digital age: LegacyShield.

AIN is the first NMO to partner with LegacyShield, and this call will walk through how AIN Members and their producers can use LegacyShield to increase client engagement, increase the effectiveness of their planning and open up new sales opportunities and referrals. Join us for the call and learn how to put LegacyShield to work in your agency!

One Session

Thursday, September 17th

11:00 Pacific

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Want to learn more about LegacyShield?

Head on over to the LegacyShield page on AIN Essentials