AIN Events: Tax-Advantaged Asset-Based LTC Strategies for the Business Market

If you’ve been in the life insurance industry for a significant period of time, you may have noticed an interesting phenomenon: Our collective memory can be terrible. In fact, we are often guilty of “forgetting” things we already know. Case in point? The myriad ways we sold traditional Long-Term Care insurance products that took advantage of the unique tax treatment it receives as a health insurance product. Fortunately, our colleagues at Securian have unearthed these techniques and more. Join us as we explore strategies that make funding an Asset-Based LTC product much more efficient. Along the way, we’ll touch on:

  • The relevant, well-established tax code sections that are the basis for all of these tax-advantaged strategies
  • The key product design element that must be in place for an ABLTC product to qualify for these tax advantages
  • Strategies for implementation in various business entity types that benefit owners and key employees alike
  • The “secret sauce” that can allow an individual to achieve a similar result on their own if their employer is unwilling to implement a plan

Tuesday, September 17th

11:00 Pacific