Life eResources

  • eResources Summary – An overview of the carrier community’s capabilities across all modern, electronic application and new business processes
  • eApp & eTicket Details – A summary of the various proprietary and third-party platform for electronic application and drop ticket submissions
  • eInterview & Phone Interview Details – Contains the details of each carrier’s offering as well as the contact information, operating hours and more
  • ePolicy & eDelivery Details – Everything you need to know to issue and place a policy electronically
  • eSignature & Voice Signature Details – Slightly different than the prior resources, this summarizes carrier position on accepting various types of documents via an electronic or voice signature
  • Illustration Software Access – A guide to accessing carrier illustration software via download and local install, web-based software and mobile apps
  • In Force Policy Service Details – A guide to accessing information on in force policies, including in force ledgers and more